5 Things We Learned From KGM Connect 2018

1. If we fall, God leads us back to his purpose

When you look into the eyes of Frank Aikins as he shares his testimony of building the Kingdom in Nigeria, you can see that he’s ignited with the spirit. He has that look of a long-distance runner who’s caught his second and third wind and miraculously is full of enthusiasm and zeal. He has the fire of God and it will always blaze for the Kingdom.

Frank spoke first, not of success, but of hard times, for it has not always been easy. Actually, it’s these challenges – the “Jezebelles” as he called them, where God always showed him faithfulness and guidance.

At his lowest point, Frank was too ashamed to even see his mentor, Larry Titus of Kingdom Global Ministries. He reached out to God for a sign:

God said “Eat, for the journey is long!” He needed encouragement and Larry was there, as he always has been, with guidance and support. It’s not about how many times you fall, it’s about getting back up, learning from it, and doing the right thing here and now. Love, redemption, and renewed purpose are powerful, and we felt all of that during his testimony.

Over the past few years, Frank has founded over 30 new churches in Nigeria. God always has a purpose for us, and will even use our failures to build us up and grow the Kingdom.

2. Let’s break the walls of comfort and step into a revival

David Diaz is a Pastor that is passionate for God’s revival. He spoke of the revival in the ‘70s in New York, where he witnessed thousands come to see the Lord. Also, just like the biblical times, these were people of all walks of life. It’s more than what he witnessed, however, that makes him so passionate, he felt the taste of revival. It feels like:

  • “A burning desire to obey God”
  • “The fear of God”
  • “A joy I’ve never experienced”

And it washed over like a river. When a revival sweeps over, you can feel the wave ebb through your city and province.

David believes that America is called for a new revival. It’s time for the sleeping giant to wake up. And you know, hearing the enthusiasm and fire in his voice, you can’t help but see that we need to get out of the four walls of the Church. Let’s break the walls of comfort and step into the Kingdom.

“Bring a river, a huge river. Minister to us in such a way that will never be the same Lord. Bring a harvest that we have never seen.” – David Diaz

3. You will receive your blueprint in the presence of God

Ariel Acuna believes that we need to seek out God’s blueprint for our ministry. We are all called to ministry. He cites Psalms 2:8 “Ask of me and I will give of you the Nations.” And he does more than cite it – this Missions leader shouted that at the highest decibel levels! It was electric!

Ariel is both energetic and very strategy-minded. He talked about a strategic approach to target the areas of a city in order to reach 60,000 unbelievers. He went on to describe God’s ministry plan in three steps:

  1. The city, province, or nation where God Places you.
  2. You will receive the blueprint in the presence of God. This is the design of God in a particular city, province, or nation.
  3. The lord will give you the keys as you spend time in the presence of God. The Bible says “I have given you the keys of the Kingdom.”

TRIGG believes that we are called to build God’s house. Every week we pray and spend time in his presence as a family. Kingdom-minded businesses will receive their blueprint and the keys to it when they put their trust in God. We are ALL built to serve.

4. The transfer of the baton can make or break a race

Devi Titus was on the losing teams in Track and Field. These were the teams that were not quite as fast as the starting teams, yet still trained and prepared with the same dedication, intensity, and focus as the winning teams. Her motto was “If we’re on the losing team, let’s be the best of the losing teams!”

In fact, she was the starter on the 4 x 100 meters relay race. This is where four team members work together to race one lap around the track. Starters in all fields and tracks have an important role to play, they shape the next leg of the race. According to Devi, “It’s in the transfer of the baton that we lose if we’re great.”

Starters must lean into the curve – Whether you’re a business founder or a minister that’s shaping the culture of your church and are seeking disciples, there’s a lean that happens when you run on a curve. This is outreach, it shapes and influences the identity of your city or where you have been called.

Pass the baton with focus and momentum – In a race, if the starter stops too quickly before passing the baton, or ir the receiving runner runs too early, it is a failed pass. Both runners must accelerate together for this to work. Devi said that all to often the passers of the baton want to slow down too soon. Perhaps they’re moving on to a new role and have lost patience with their baton. Or maybe the opposite happens. Have you witnessed or experienced when two people are holding on to a baton at the same time for far too long?

Devi believes that ultimately, it comes down to building teams, how we trust others, working hard, trusting God, and staying in the race!

Break a record in your leg of the race!

5.  The difference between business offerings and outreach is the condition of the heart

Andy White has been called to “be a fiery preacher in the marketplace” ever since he was 18. One of the challenges that he faced was understanding what that looks like when you aren’t standing on a traditional pulpit. Over the last decade, he has served on worship teams, as a creative director, and a business leader. He talked about how mentors over those years have helped him answer this question.

Larry Titus has talked about a marriage between the church community and the business community, where neither lacks in resources and we can truly experience the Acts 4:32-35 vision expressed in the world. What does this look like?

It’s about one team. Just as Devi talked about a team working as one for the race, it’s about being on a team for God. The business community and the church community are actually one team, and we serve God and his purpose for the Kingdom. As a “fiery preacher in the marketplace” Andy is passionate about the role that businesses play, and it goes beyond just offering excellent services and being a company of integrity.

It’s about the condition of the heart. We believe that when businesses go out to the church and ask how they can help serve, they must ask with their hearts first and foremost. We don’t do sales. We do outreach. suddenly it’s not what do we have to gain. What do we have to give.”- Andy White

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