7 Questions Answered About Commercial Storm Restoration

After years of serving building owners in some of the worst storm areas in the U.S., it’s uncommon that we hear a question for the first time. Whether you’re an owner who’s building was recently hit by damaging weather or you’re simply arming yourself with information before the storm – we want as many building owners and facility maintenance directors to be able to make informed decisions when it comes to their property.

The series of questions below address some of the more common questions asked following a storm. Continue reading “7 Questions Answered About Commercial Storm Restoration”

RockPointe Church Emergency Repair

Early Wednesday morning, on March 29th, severe thunderstorms with winds registering up to 90mph rattled through North Texas causing significant damage to RockPointe Church’s roof system. We received notification of the damage at 7:30am, and we were onsite within the hour. As we arrived, members of the RockPointe staff and community were outside the building observing the damage. The high winds had violently peeled back the roof area Continue reading “RockPointe Church Emergency Repair”