Please complete the form below, and our service department will contact you in less than 12 hours. In less than 4 hours during normal business hours.

We understand – life happens and problems arise that are out of your control. We want to make sure you’re taken care of as quickly as possible. To speed up the process, we ask that you complete the form, describe your emergency in the details section, and classify your emergency using the Emergency Level details below (1,2,3).


A level one emergency is the most critical. For example, the problem presents a danger to building occupants or affects the electrical system, the roof has caved in or large sections of the roof have blown off.


A level two emergency is for severe issues that don’t meet LEVEL ONE criteria – no one is in danger, but there’s a big problem, like a major leak that affects your day-to-day or penetrations to the roof that will cause extensive interior damage if rain occurs.


Level three emergencies are smaller issues, such as a leak that can be contained with a bucket to catch the water, or minor hail damage.

Please fill out the following form, and our service department will contact you as quickly as possible: