Hunter’s Glen Baptist Church // Restoration at Hunter’s Glen

Organization // Hunter’s Glen Baptist Church

Location // Plano, TX

Scope //

  • Building Envelope Consulting
  • Large Loss Claim Management
  • Auditorium & Awning ReRoof
  • Church Office TPO ReRoof
  • HVAC
  • Metal

Overview //

In March 2016 Hunter’s Glen Baptist Church was hit by damaging hail and winds, which caused on going leaks and deterioration of the primary roof areas covering their worship center.

When we met with the staff members and facility director at Hunter’s Glen they expressed their need for someone trustworthy to steward their project. They had more than enough on their plates serving the community, and the ongoing leaks and insurance process was becoming an overwhelming distraction.

At the time we started, the insurance company had not adequately accounted for the removal and replacements of the proper roofing systems, which left a significant gap in what insurance was paying for and it would cost to put the right system back on.

When it comes to working with churches and insurance adjusters on large claims like Hunter’s Glen we have gained a trusted reputation. This goes a long way when it comes to bringing a building and it’s roof systems back up to code and the cost associated with that.

After consist communication and management of the scope of damages, we were able to arrive at an approved budget with the insurance adjuster. This enabled us to bring full restoration to the HVAC, collateral areas and roof areas including code upgrade covered in the claim.