OSHA Safety Standards on the Job Site

Over the past year we have made significant strides in increasing our standards for safety – for our workers and those in and around our construction sites. Safety is something we take very seriously. It means that at the end of every work day our crew members and those on site can go home to their families. Safety is about people.

In January we were visited by Waco’s local News Channel 25 at Austin Avenue United Methodist Church. They were greeted with a smile by one of our Superintendents, Jared Goff. On that day Waco was experiencing high winds topping 35 mph while our crews were hard at work atop the 50 foot

steep slope roof area. You can read the entire article in the link above. 

Following our visit from News Channel 25 we were promptly visited by our friends at OSHA. For many contractors, the site of OSHA showing up on a job site would put a knot in your stomach. But for Jared and the crew on site, we were confident that we had taken all the necessary measurements to secure our workers and control the site. After a thorough review of our safety measures the OSHA agent passed us with flying colors.


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