RockPointe Church // Things went back to normal

Organization // RockPointe Church

Location // Flower Mound, TX

Scope //

  • Emergency Response Coordination
  • Forensic Assessment
  • Decking Repair
  • TPO Repair
  • Building Envelope Consulting

Early Wednesday morning, on March 29th, severe thunderstorms with winds registering up to 90mph rattled through North Texas causing significant damage to RockPointe Church’s roof system. We received notification of the damage at 7:30am, and we were onsite within the hour. As we arrived, members of the RockPointe staff and community were outside the building observing the damage. The high winds had violently peeled back the roof area covering their foyer down to the beams; throwing decking, insulation and TPO onto the walkway and parking area two stories below.

We worked swiftly alongside the RockPointe staff to coordinate with the building architect and engineer in order to assess any failure points and approve a repair solution that would dry-in the building – allowing them to safely continue using the building as we plan and coordinate the efforts in fully restoring the building envelope.

After gaining approval of the temporary repair solution, our crews were onsite by 8am the following morning, re-decking and laying a new temporary layer of TPO over the exposed and damaged areas. Other repairs included, windows, siding and HVAC.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out the RockPointe Church family, and the thousands of people affected by the recent storms. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve them!